University of Kerala

The University of Kerala was founded as the University of Travancore in 1937. The earliest origins of the University may be traced back to two institutions of modern learning in Kerala, the University College, Thiruvananthapuram and the Trivandrum Observatory. 

Currently, the University has sixteen faculties and forty one departments of teaching and research in addition to study centres and other departments.  The University has also established 10 University College of Teacher Education (UTEC) and 8 University Institute of Technologies (UIT) both of which offer under-graduate programmes (BEd in UTECs and BSc Computer Science/IT, Electronics/BBA in UITs), although masters programmes are available in select UITs. 

More than 150 colleges are affiliated to the University. These institutions form a major part of the University. Of these 60 are Arts and Science colleges. There are 2 Law colleges, 17 Engineering Colleges, 9 MBA/MCA Colleges, 37 Teacher Training Colleges, 4 Medical Colleges, 4 Ayurveda colleges, 2 Homeopathy Colleges, one Siddha Medical College, 3 Dental colleges, 10 Nursing Colleges, 4 Pharmacy Colleges, 2 Fine Arts Colleges, and a Music College. 

Departments in University of Kerala

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Future Studies
  • Department of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Department of Opto Electronics
 Faculty of Arts

  • Department of Communication and Journalism
  • Department of German
  • Department of Library and Information Science
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Russian
  • Institute of English
Faculty of Ayurveda & Siddha

Faculty of Commerce

  • Department of Commerce
Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Education
  • Department of Education
Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Faculty of Fine Arts

  • Department of Music
Faculty of Homoeopathy

Faculty of Law
  • Department of Law
Faculty of Management Studies
  • Institute of Management in Kerala
Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Oriental Studies
  • Department of Arabic
  • Department of Hindi
  • Department of Linguistics
  • Department of Malayalam
  • Department of Sanskrit
  • Department of Tamil
  • Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library
Faculty of Physical Education

Faculty of Science

  • Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Demography
  • Department of Geology
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Zoology
Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Department of Archaeology
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of History
  • Department of Islamic Studies
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Sociology

Study Centres of Kerala University

The University has also a number of study centres in specialised areas. Some of these centres have taught programmes (Certificate/Diploma/Masters/MPhil) and some offer PhD programmes also. The study centres specialise in specific areas such as Nano-technology, Kerala Studies, Bioinformatics, Womens Studies, Learning Difficulties, Sree Narayana Studies, Gandhian Studies etc. Some of these centres also offer Certificate/Diploma/Masters/Mphil and many offer PhD programmes.

  • Centre for Adult Continuing Education & Extension (CACEE)
  • Centre for Australian Studies
  • Centre for Canadian Studies
  • Centre for Cultural Studies
  • Centre for Diaspora Studies
  • Centre for Educational Technology
  • Centre for English Language Teachning
  • Centre for Evolutionary and Integrative Biology
  • Centre for Gandhian Studies
  • Centre for Geriatric Studies
  • Centre for Global Academics
  • Centre for Information Literacy Studies
  • Centre for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (CLDD)
  • Centre for Marine Biodiversity
  • Centre for Performing & Visual Arts
  • Centre for Quantitative Analysis
  • Centre for Rural Studies
  • Centre for Systems and Synthetic Biology (CSSB)
  • Centre for Translation and Translation Studies
  • Centre for Vedanta Studies
  • Centre for Venom Informatics
  • Centre for Women's Studies
  • Christian Study Centre for Cultural and Social Change
  • Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Chair
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell
  • Inter University Centre for Alternative Economics (IUCAE)
  • Inter University Centre for Geo-spatial Information Science and Technology (IUCGIST)
  • Inter University Centre for Malayalam Language (IUCML)
  • Inter-University Centre for Genomics and Gene Technology
  • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell - IQAC
  • International and Inter University Centre for Natural Resource Management
  • International Centre for Kerala Studies (ICKS)
  • Mahatma Ayyankali Chair
  • Population Research Centre
  • Raja Ravi Varma Centre of Excellence for Visual Arts
  • Sophisticated Instrumentation and Computation Centre (SICC)
  • Sree Narayana Centre for Social Change
  • State Inter University Centre of Excellence in Bio Informatics (SIUCEB)
  • Study on the Cost of Cultivation of Principal Crops in Kerala, Kariyavattom
  • Survey Research Centre
  • Technology and Resource Centre for Malayalam
  • Trivandrum Astronomical Observatory
  • UGC National Curriculum Development Centre
  • UGC Nehru Study Centre
  • V K Krishna Menon Study Centre for International Relations
  • V. K. Sukumaran Nayar Chair for Parliamentary Affairs

Academic Programs of University of Kerala

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  • BA Arabic Language & Literature
  • BA Communicative Arabic
  • BA Economics
  • BA English and Communicative English 
  • BA English Language & Literature
  • BA Hindi Language & Literature
  • BA History
  • BA Islamic History
  • BA Journalism and Mass Communication and Video Production 
  • BA Malayalam and Mass Communication
  • BA Malayalam: Language, Culture & Literature
  • BA Music
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA Political Science
  • BA Psychology
  • BA Sanskrit (Special Jyothisha)
  • BA Sanskrit (Special Nyaya)
  • BA Sanskrit (Special Sahithya)
  • BA Sanskrit (Special Vedanta)
  • BA Sanskrit (Special Vyakarana)
  • BA Sanskrit General
  • BA Sanskrit Special
  • BA Sociology
  • BA Tamil
BArch (Bachelor of Architecture)

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

BCom (Bachelor of Commerce)
  • BCom (HI)
  • BCom Commerce & Hotel Management and Catering
  • BCom Commerce & Tax Procedure and Practice
  • BCom Commerce & Tourism and Travel Management
  • BCom Commerce with Computer Application
BEd (Bachelor of Education)
  • BEd Arabic
  • BEd Commerce
  • BEd English
  • BEd Geography
  • BEd Hindi
  • BEd Home Science
  • BEd Malayalam
  • BEd Mathematics
  • BEd Natural Science
  • BEd Physical Science
  • BEd Sanskrit
  • BEd Social Science
  • BEd Tamil

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts)
  • BPA Dance
  • BPA Mridangam
  • BPA Veena
  • BPA Violin
  • BPA Vocal

BPEd (Bachelor of Physical Education)

BSc (Bachelor of Science)
  • BSc Bio-Technology
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology  
  • BSc Botany
  • BSc Botany and Biotechnology 
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BSc Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Computer Science (HI)
  • BSc Electronics
  • BSc Environmental Science & Environment and Water Management  
  • BSc Geography
  • BSc Geology
  • BSc Home Science
  • BSc Hotel Management and Catering Science
  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Microbiology
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Physics and Computer Application 
  • BSc Polymer Chemistry
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSc Statistics
  • BSc Zoology

BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)

BTech (Bachelor of Technology)
  • BTech Aeronautical Engineering
  • BTech Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  • BTech Bio-Technology and Bio-Chemical Engineering
  • BTech Chemical Engineering
  • BTech Civil Engineering
  • BTech Civil Engineering (PT)
  • BTech Computer Science & Engineering
  • BTech Computer Science & Engineering (PT)
  • BTech Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • BTech Electrical & Electronics Engineering (PT)
  • BTech Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • BTech Electronics & Communication Engineering (PT)
  • BTech Information Technology
  • BTech Mechanical Engineering
  • BTech Mechanical Engineering (PT)
  • BTech Mechanical Stream - Automobile Engineering
  • BTech Mechanical Stream - Industrial Engineering
  • BTech Mechanical Stream - Production Engineering

BVoc (Bachelor of Vocational Courses)

LLB (Bachelor of Laws)

LLM (Master of Laws)

MA (Master of Arts)

  • MA Arabic Language & Literature
  • MA Business Economics
  • MA Economics
  • MA English Language & Literature
  • MA Hindi Language & Literature
  • MA History
  • MA Human Resource Management
  • MA Islamic History
  • MA Malayalam Language & Literature
  • MA Malayalam with Media Studies
  • MA Music
  • MA Personal Management
  • MA Philosophy
  • MA Political Science
  • MA Politics
  • MA Psychology
  • MA Public Administration
  • MA Sanskrit (Special Jyothisha)
  • MA Sanskrit (Special Nyaya)
  • MA Sanskrit (Special Sahithya)
  • MA Sanskrit (Special Vedanta)
  • MA Sanskrit (Special Vyakarana)
  • MA Sanskrit Language & Literature
  • MA Sanskrit Special
  • MA Sociology
  • MA Syriac
  • MA Tamil Language & Literature
MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

MCJ (Master of Communication and Journalism)

MCom (Master of Commerce)

MEd (Master of Education)

MPA (Master of Performing Arts)

  • MPA Dance
  • MPA Mridangam
  • MPA Veena
  • MPA Violin
  • MPA Vocal
  • MPEd (Master of Physical Education)
  • MPlan (Master of Planning)
  • MSc (Master of Science)
  • MSc Analytical Chemistry
  • MSc Applied Chemistry
  • MSc Bio-Informatics
  • MSc Bio-Technology
  • MSc Biochemistry
  • MSc Botany
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Counselling Psychology
  • MSc Electronics
  • MSc Environmental Science
  • MSc Food and Dairy Biotechnology
  • MSc Geography
  • MSc Geology
  • MSc Home Science (Extension Education)
  • MSc Home Science (Family Resource Management)
  • MSc Home Science (Food & Nutrition)
  • MSc Home Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc Medicinal Chemistry
  • MSc Microbiology
  • MSc Physics
  • MSc Polymer Chemistry
  • MSc Psychology
  • MSc Statistics
  • MSc Zoology

MSW (Master of Social Work)

MTA (Master of Tourism Administration)

MTech (Master of Technology)

  • MTech BB (Molecular Medicine)
  • MTech CE (Geoinformatics)
  • MTech CE (Geotechnical Engineering - PT)
  • MTech CE (Geotechnical Engineering)
  • MTech CE (Hydraulics Engineering)
  • MTech CE (Structural Engineering)
  • MTech CE (Structural Enginnering and Construction Management)
  • MTech CE (Traffic and Transportation Engineering)
  • MTech CE(Environmental Engineering)
  • MTech CE-Structural Engineering (PT)
  • MTech Computer Science & Engineering
  • MTech CSE - Information Security
  • MTech ECE (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation -PT)
  • MTech ECE (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation)
  • MTech ECE (Embedded Systems)
  • MTech ECE (Microwave and TV Engineering - PT)
  • MTech ECE (Microwave and TV Engineering)
  • MTech ECE (Signal Processing - PT)
  • MTech ECE (Signal Processing)
  • MTech ECE (Telecommunication Engineering)
  • MTech ECE - Communication Systems
  • MTech EEE (Control Systems - PT)
  • MTech EEE (Control Systems)
  • MTech EEE (Electrical Machines)
  • MTech EEE (Guidance and Navigational Control)
  • MTech EEE (Industrial Instrumentaion and Control)
  • MTech EEE (Power System & Control )
  • MTech EEE (Power Systems - PT)
  • MTech EEE (Power Systems)
  • MTech EEE - Power Control and Drives
  • MTech IT (Network Engineering)
  • MTech ME (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
  • MTech ME (Industrial Engineering - PT)
  • MTech ME (Industrial Engineering)
  • MTech ME (Industrial Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering)
  • MTech ME (Machine Design)
  • MTech ME (Propulsion Engineering)
  • MTech ME (Thermal Science - PT)
  • MTech ME (Thermal Science)
  • MTech ME - Machine Design (PT)
  • MTech ME - Propulsion Engineering (PT)
  • MTech Technology Management
MVA (Master of Visual Arts)
  • MVA Art History
  • MVA Painting


The beginning of research activities in the University dates back to the initial statges when it was the University of Travancore. The research programs in various disciplines are undertaken presently by the departments and centres of teaching and research of the University and also by other research centres recognized by the University. Admission to PhD is based on entrance test followed by interview. Over the years, research has been a strong area of focus and quality research papers have been published in all national and international journals. For more, click here

Admission in University of Kerala

B.Tech and B.Arch admission is based on the score in Kerala Engineering, Architecture and Medical and Pharmacy (KEAM) entrance conducted by CEE, Kerala.

NATA qualified candidates are also eligible to apply for B.Arch course.

For M.Tech, a valid GATE score holders are also eligible to apply.

For MBA (Full-Time), candidates are selected as per their marks in KMAT, CAT or CMAT followed by GD and PI.

Admission to M.Phil and Ph.D. courses is granted on the basis of university-based entrance followed by an interview.

School of Distance Education

The Institute of Distance Education which started in 1976 is one of the pioneering centre of distance learning in the state.

The Institute was founded with the following objectives:

  • to provide quality education to the disadvantaged sections including women and senior citizens.
  • to promote career advancement by encouraging diversification and updating of knowledge.
  • to provide training in softer and technical skills.
  • to participate in human resource development.
  • to make learning a life-long, ever enjoyable experience.

For more information, click here

Library of University of Kerala University

The Kerala University Library (KUL) was established in 1942.  It has more than 3,50,000 books and subscribes to nearly 500 journals and magazines. Among its special collections, the Kerala Studies is a unique one.  The special collections also include Women’s Studies, Government Publications, General Biographies, UN and World Bank Publications, bound volumes of newspapers and journals and rare books.  It is the only library in Kerala which serves as a depository of UN and World Bank publications. The Kerala University Library is complemented with a number of specialised Department Libraries and also Campus Library at Karyavattom and Study Centre Libraries at Alappuzha, Kollam and Pandalam. Fore more information and rules and regulations, click here

University of Kerala
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Thiruvananthapuram - 34 
Kerala, India
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